Your one time guide
to get started on Vigowork

Starting as a Client

Everyone signing up to hire on Vigowork is referred to as an Client.
As a client on Vigowork, you get amazing value for your project budget.
You post projects, interview freelancers and award projects to freelancers.
Getting started as a Client is very easy, all you have to do is verify your email address and start posting projects.
When posting a project on Vigowork, it’s important that you are as detailed as possible.
Projects posted on Vigowork go through a review process in which we determine if the project is fit for our freelancers.
Freelancers on Vigowork go through a verification process in which we determine if they’re fit for the community. So you can be rest assured that your projects are being handled by verified experts.
When rewarding a project to a freelancer, you’re prompted to make payment before the hire process is complete. This is called “Vigowork payment protection”.
The payment being made by you isn’t going directly to the freelancer but Vigowork, in which we lock the money in a vault and only release the payment to the freelancer when you’re completely satisfied.
Before rewarding a project to a freelancer, you may decide to interview the freelancer. To do this, just click “Interview me” right next to the “hire me” button.
After you award a project to a freelancer and payment is made, Vigowork sends a special workspace link where you can communicate and share files with the freelancer. Your project workspace also enables you to finish or dispute a project.

Starting as a Freelancer

Everyone signing up to work is being referred to as a freelancer.
A freelancer is someone who sells his/her services to clients without long term contracts.
As a freelancer on Vigowork, you’re given the opportunity to bid on projects being posted by clients.
There are certain guidelines you need to follow to have a successful freelancing career.
The two most important things are: Tracking mails sent by Vigowork and having a good profile set up.
We’ll explain further below:

1. Track your mails:
Clients don’t communicate with freelancers via social media messengers neither does Vigowork.
You need to track mails sent by Vigowork in order to not miss out on important alerts being sent by us regarding projects you bid on, project workspace messages, your verification status, payment status, interviews, and much more.
Staying on top of mails we send let’s you know when we send new projects relating to your skills, bidding tips and much more. Kindly track your mails every day.

2. Have a good profile set up:
Upload a photo of your face (not cartoons or wallpapers); this would make clients more comfortable around you. (Example below)

Have a good write up about yourself set up. Try not to include phone numbers and email address in your write up as these information are not valid. We may suspend your account if you do this. (Example below)

Upload some portfolios to show off your previous works. Clients love to see how creative you are. Upload portfolios to win more projects.

3. Verify your skills:
Vigowork is ensuring that online hiring is safe and fast as possible. That is why we require our freelancers to verify their skills. Verifying your skills on Vigowork is easy. All you have to do is fill up a simple form available here and also stick to the first two guidelines above and your profile would be verified in no time. After you’re verified, you’ll be able to bid on projects.

It’s important to note that when you bid on projects, Vigowork won’t release any payments to you until the client is fully satisfied with the work done (Don’t worry, you’re protected too). This is called “Vigowork Payment Protection”.
When a client accepts your bid and decides to hire you, the client is asked to make payment to Vigowork. Vigowork then puts the money in a vault till the project is completed and the client marks the project as finished.
After payment is made, you’ll receive a mail from Vigowork congratulating you on winning the project and a special workspace link where you can send files or messages to the client and track your progress.
This is very different from an interview mail. Clients may decide to run a quick check by interviewing you before awarding you the project. We advise you to only send previous samples if required by an employer and never work on the project if you haven’t gotten a congratulations message from Vigowork and the special project workspace link.
That’s all you need to know about getting started on Vigowork. If you need more guidelines to any of your concerns, you may use the knowledgebase, ask the community or even send us a note and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.
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Thanks for following through, have an amazing freelancing career!