Hiring a Freelancer

Are you convinced that you’ve found the perfect freelancer for your project?

The next step you have to take is to accept the freelancer’s bid on your project. If you’re unsure you can take advantage of the “Interview Me” feature. This enables you to interview the freelancer before awarding the project.

Selecting a freelancer’s bid is easy and you can do this by clicking the “Hire Me” button. This would present you with a “Bid Acceptance Confirmation” dialog.

If you have the bid amount already deposited into your account then you can go straight to accepting the bid; and the freelancer would be alerted to start working.

If you do not have the bid amount already deposited into your account then you’ll be prompted to make payments; then you can send your payments either through Paystack (Recommended) or Paypal.

Note: Your payments are sent into escrow, this means that your payment is being protected by us till the Freelancer finishes the project. This is called “Payment Protection”. In a different scenario where you do not have the bid amount deposited or you are a few dollars short, you would be presented with a “Deposit funds” button. Clicking this button would take you to a secure payment deposit page where you can easily deposit funds via your debit or credit card.

Payments are secured and processed by Paystack  and Paypal.