Payment Protection

What is Vigowork payment protection?

How does our payment protection protect both the client and freelancer?

Payment protection feature sends client payments into escrow and releases the payment freelancers when the work is done. A client can decide to mark a project as finished and rate the freelancer once he/she is satisfied with the project result or send the project into a dispute resolution process if he/she isn’t satisfied with the project results.

This means the client has given us permission to send the payment currently in escrow to the freelancer. If a client does not click the “finish” button then the freelancer wouldn’t be receiving payments for the project yet.

Freelancers are permitted to send in a dispute if  the project is completed and the client doesn’t finish the project. This would require us to investigate and determine if the freelancer has completed the project. If the project is completed, an administrative action would be taken and the payments would be sent to the freelancer. A client can certainly provide us with reasons he/she isn’t happy with the project results and we may choose to refund the payment back to the client. This is called “Disputing a Project”.