Signing up to hire

Signing up to hire on Vigowork is fairly easy. All you have to do is register as a client by visiting this link and fill in your details.

Why should you hire on Vigowork?

We do experts! Yup, you read that right.. we do not just do freelancers but freelance experts.

Vigowork unlike any other platform doesn’t spam you with bids, you work with only experts (Does this mean that we screen our freelancers? Yes, but not immediately. We also have tools that help you determine the right person for the job such as interviewing the freelancer before hiring, escrow payment protection … we don’t want to spill and spoil the excitement here. Sign up to be a Client today!).

Vigowork is safe and secure. Vigowork has an in—built escrow system that keeps both you and the freelancer on “Payment protection (learn more)”.

We let you work with anyone in the world. It doesn’t matter if you speak English, French, Chinese or even Spanish. We got everyone’s back and we’ve made understanding each other easier thereby making outsourcing even better.

Don’t like what you got? We process a refund immediately.

Trust us when we say there’s no better way to get work done on the internet. Outsourcing your projects, work and tasks on Vigowork would be the best decision you’ll make anytime you decide to outsource work on our platform. Vigowork is home to expert freelancers. Every Freelancer working on our platform works hard to build a good reputation and works harder to maintain that reputation by giving you 100% service quality delivery. We don’t just do work on Vigowork, We do work  better.

You can also work on Vigowork as an Expert Freelancer provided you are an expert in your skill field. If you would like to sign up to work, kindly click here.